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Customer data

Customer data is useful in the effective targeting of sales and marketing and it can also be used to support strategic decision-making.


Our customer data services

We determine the processes that customer data travels through and who needs and uses it. 

We use data modeling to form an easy-to-understand entity from customer data by presenting the relationships between data structures, limitations, and different records as a conceptual or logical data model.  

We design solutions that enable us to provide individual customer experiences quickly and efficiently at all stages of the customer relationship.

We depict and document the content and quality requirements of customer data and form coherent, easy-to-understand, and unambiguous concepts to support, for example, CRM, MDM and ERP system development.

Why choose Loihde Advance?


We make digital development projects understandable, manageable, and effective. In our comprehensive planning, we take into account the company’s business objectives, customer understanding, operational model, and technology opportunities.


We design comprehensive solutions and analyses required to utilize customer data using the DM&Q framework™ so that customer data can be harnessed to support decision-making and utilized effectively throughout the organization.

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