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Data governance​

Ensure that data management is carried out in a timely and efficient manner so that high-quality data can be utilized at the right time and in the right place.


Our data governance services

We determine the current maturity level of the organization and identify the principles required by the data governance model and the key roles related to data ownership. We design and document a data governance model derived from the current data governance status, which can be used to build the necessary capabilities for utilizing data.

We make sure that the organization develops a common understanding of the order in which the data governance model should be implemented, and the kind of measures it contains.

We ensure that the organization operates in accordance with the existing data governance model, taking into account the diversity of data and different perspectives. If necessary, we can help the organization define, model, and describe its data creation and maintenance processes.

Why choose Loihde Advance?


We make digital development projects understandable, manageable, and effective. In our comprehensive planning, we take into account the company’s business objectives, customer understanding, operational model, and technology opportunities.


Loihde’s Data Governance model provides a business-driven framework to support data governance and regulation across the organization.


The model can be used in both the private and public sectors.

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