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Data strategy

= a plan to boost the company’s business operations through properly utilized and managed data.


How we implement a data strategy

We help to clarify the data strategy derived from organization’s strategy and provide clear steps for achieving the determined goals.

We review the organization’s current state and target state requirements for data utilization in collaboration with key stakeholder representatives. We ensure that the data strategy meets organizational needs and is in line with the organization’s other strategic policies.

We support the implementation of the company’s data strategy and help build a phased development plan to build the capabilities required by the data strategy. We create an operating model that helps make the data strategy a part of the organizational culture; we identify and activate the parties required for the implementation of the change, and we define the prioritized development ideas to support the implementation of the data strategy.

Why choose Loihde Advance?


We make digital development projects understandable, manageable, and effective. In our comprehensive planning, we take into account the company’s business objectives, customer understanding, operational model, and technology opportunities.


Our experts work at the level of portfolios, programs, and teams to manage and optimize implementation. We are involved in daily development work or provide consultation when needed.


Thanks to our comprehensive partner network, we are able to offer comprehensive expertise to support digital development projects.

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