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Loihde Advance Privacy and Cookie Policy

Data protection is everyone's right. We process your personal data lawfully, fairly, and transparently. We only collect the data we need to run our business.

We protect your data using appropriate technical and organisational measures. We do not collect personal data when it is not necessary. Our data comes from you. We collect it when you register for our events, subscribe to our newsletter or buy services from us. We keep data on the role and status of your company's decision-makers up to date through commercial databases such as Alma Media. We collect data about companies and contacts to whom we want to market our services from public sources.

We also collect your data when you apply to work for us or are identified as a potential candidate. We get data about our partner network employees from our contracted partners.

Our data processing is based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation and specific local legislation such as accounting and tax laws. We use international cloud services to process personal data, which may involve transfer of data outside the European Economic Area (EEA). We will ensure that these data transfers are subject to safeguards in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Our employees participate in data protection trainings annually.

Contact details

Data controller: Loihde Advance
Hevosenkenkä 3
02600 Espoo, FINLAND

CEO Tomi Bergman

For data protection and privacy matters, you can send your request, question or notification by email to


Loihde Advance processes personal data for the following purposes:


We will communicate about our services and products up to 4 times a month.  For marketing purposes, we collect contact details of our customers' contact persons, as well as contact details of those interested in our services, blog subscribers and participants of our events. We also use public data sources to find people who may be interested in our services.

The contact details we collect for marketing purposes only are kept for 2 years. We will also delete the contact details at your request.

Contact details of subscribers to newsletters, publications and blogs are kept for as long as the subscription is valid, and the messages are read. If the last six messages have not been opened, the messages will no longer be sent.


It is important for our business to find the right people in companies and organisations who are interested in our services and for whom we provide services. We actively monitor the media and use data obtained or purchased from third parties to expand our customer register. In doing so, we require that the third party has verified that the collection and distribution of the personal data is authorised.

The personal data we process are the contact details of the persons who purchase our professional services and of those involved in providing them, such as names, positions in the organisation, email addresses and telephone numbers.

News and service releases

We share news about our company, services and products, and developments and changes in them. In doing so, we will use the contact details of the contract contact persons, plus the contact details of other contact persons provided to us. We share news once a month, more often in exceptional circumstances.

Contact details will be kept for the duration of the contract. You can opt out of receiving news as explained at the end of the newsletter.

Ensuring customer satisfaction (CSAT)

We periodically ask our customers to tell us how satisfied they are with our services and products.  We will keep a record of the respondent's company, position or role in the company and answers to the survey. We keep the data for two years to analyse changes in our customer satisfaction and to see if changes to our services have improved customer satisfaction.

Business reporting, analysis, statistics, and financial reporting

We use contract and invoicing data for knowledge management. We report, analyse and compile statistics on our business and our economic situation and produce forecasts.

For business reporting purposes, we do not use data on customer contact persons, only data on employees or employees of subcontractors used to provide services. We get the data directly from business systems.

Subcontractor management, communication about vacancies

Partner management and open tasks for their experts can be found in our portal. The portal provides you with the tools to manage your personal data yourself.

Want to partner with us in the Loihde Family? Contact us at

Processing of contracts

Contracts are archived for the purposes of contract implementation and monitoring. The information is kept for at least three years after the end of the contract, because, for example, the realisation of contractual liability and complaints issues may not become apparent until after a long period of time. This requires a sufficient period of time during which the information about the contract is properly stored and available for any legal or business needs. Electronic contracts are signed in a signature service (Visma Sign).

Signature service used to sign the electronic contracts

In Visma Sign, a person is identified by strong authentication. The service will generate a signature on behalf of the person, which will be verified by an EU accredited certification provider. The service creates an AES-level signature. The invitation to sign the contract electronically remains valid for 30 days. The data will not be transferred to third countries.

Organisation of events

The contact details of the participants of events will be kept for 2 years after the event for marketing purposes. Data from the registration service is transferred via a downloadable file.

We do not disclose any personal data to third parties outside the Loihde Group.

We keep the contact details of participants and any data they have provided when registering, for example regarding dietary requirements, so that we can organise the events and provide information. This information is kept for 3 months after the event. Personal data will not be transferred to third countries.

Invoicing and accounting

For invoicing and accounting purposes, all information on the invoice is kept for six full years, plus the current year, in accordance with the Accounting Act.

Service delivery and customer project management

We keep records of the customers’ contact persons, approvers, additional information provided and the persons performing different tasks in order to provide ongoing services.

We keep records about the customer’s approver and the person who assigned the task, as well as about the person who performed the task, to manage projects for customers.  

Managing jobseekers and executive and direct search candidates

We collect your data when you apply for a job through the form on our website or by email. We also use publicly available information to identify suitable candidates to contact.

For jobseekers, we store the jobseeker’s name and contact details, the message we receive and the attached application and CV. We process the data for recruitment purposes only. The data is processed only by the staff members involved in the recruitment process in question and, at our request, by our trusted partners involved in the recruitment process. Our partners include headhunters and companies offering executive and direct search services.

For executive and direct search candidates, we store their name, contact details, work and educational history and information about any professional interests they may have.

We delete the data 2 years after it was collected. If you want us to delete your data, please send a request for deletion from the email address you used in our service to our privacy email address.

How to exercise your rights under the GDPR

You have the right to see what data we hold about you. If there is an error in your data, you can ask us to correct it.

We do not collect your data based on consent. If you wish to be removed from our newsletter mailing list, you can unsubscribe as explained at the end of the letter. If you wish, we can remove the data about the newsletters you have subscribed to. Please notify our privacy email of this from the email address to which the newsletters have been sent.

You can give and withdraw your marketing authorisation using the form: Contact us – Loihde Advance

Loihde always aims to resolve any disputes directly with you, so please feel free to contact us if there is something you are unhappy about. However, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority about the way we process your personal data. Complaints are addressed to the Data Protection Ombudsman, contact details and instructions can be found at



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