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IoT analytics

Smart analytics and insight solutions created around sensor technology.


Our IoT analytics services 

IoT devices, installation, and data collection

Connecting the data generated by IoT devices to internal and external data sources

Customized reporting solutions – IoT data in a visual format that is easy for users to understand

We carry out maintenance and small-scale development for your IoT solution as a continuous service.

We also offer architectural consulting services for IoT solutions.

We help you find the right technology solutions that support IoT analytics.

Why choose Loihde Advance?


Technological independence. We master all the key technologies.

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We also supply smart solutions and devices, for example, for the utilization of sensor data.


We are responsible for the entire production chain from the installation of IoT devices and data collection to the visualization of analytics results. 


We can also map, build, and utilize analytics for large-scale production environments.



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