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Omnichannel experience management

Do you want to improve your customer experience with content management and succeed in choosing a multi-channel content management solution?


What we do in the field of multi-channel content management

Holistic content management solution design

Content strategy

Solution evaluation and proof-of-concept

Content delivery models and processes

Operational model analysis and optimization 

Automation and integrations

Internationalization services and global scale operational models 

Solution design and concept design 

Migration, switchovers and reforms

Implementation and coordination, product management, PO

Why choose Loihde Advance?


We have experience from several global multi-channel content management projects.

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Content management is more than just CMS; we understand how modern headless platforms integrate with other systems and how to enable the targeted and timely delivery of data-driven content to the end user.


Our experience in content management models and process automation helps you achieve efficiency on the operational side.

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Sakke Mustonen

Service Area Director, Service Digitalization

+358 44 751 8048 


Nino Ilveskero

Head of Sales

+358 40 511 8935