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Solution design and architecture

We design the right building blocks required for producing modern digital solutions.


What we do in the field of design and architecture

Holistic solution design, traditional non-headless digital service technologies, in particular the following categories: 

E-commerce reforms and their operating models on an international scale

Sales and marketing automation (RTIM)

Integration and operational enhancement of customer and product information flows

Development of multi-channel content management and product management, PO

Why choose Loihde Advance?

We help develop digital services end-to-end with a user-oriented approach, while taking cyber and overall security, as well as data protection into account. 
In the digital service sector, we have particularly strong expertise in the development of multi-channel (omnichannel & headless) services.


Content management architectures (headless and traditional) e-commerce technologies.

tech-stack-2_plan copy

Sensible modeling of channels, content, content models and metadata to systems across channels, while taking the user experience of content administrators (business user experience) into account.


We are more than a design agency, Our focus and expertise is where most of the work is - data, integrations, automation.


Optimizing processes and workflows for the operational business framework. Technology deployment in business and training of business users.

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