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Solution design 
and digital architecture

We design the right building blocks to deliver modern digital solutions.

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The world is full of technologies suitable for delivering digital services, which are being developed at enormous expense. But even good technologies can look bad if their suitability for your needs is not fully internalised, or if their deployment is half-hearted, or if the operational models and maintenance associated with new applications are not taken into account.

To get all elements to play the same game requires experienced and visionary solution design and service architecture.

We help define the technology needs and the operational models based on those needs for effective business acceleration.

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Why choose Loihde Advance?


We help you develop digital services from overall architecture to implementation, with a user-centric approach including cyber and overall security and data protection, ensuring the continuity of your business.

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We've helped dozens of organisations of all sizes create successful technology strategies and enabled them to accelerate their digital business with smart solutions that stand the test of time and an ever-changing world.


A visionary player with broad experience across business and technology sectors and the ability to work on big picture issues. Loihde Advance draws on its diverse experience across a wide range of industries and technology platforms, bringing a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities. We have developed solution models that are ideally suited to the delivery of complex projects.


We combine technological capabilities, end-user and business needs.

Modeling channels, content, content models and metadata into systems in a meaningful way across channels and data, taking into account the operational models of content owners.

How can we help?

Our experienced service and digital architects and solution designers bridge the needs of different organisations.

Our experience of involving operational users in solution and architecture design brings together a seamless whole, avoiding the most common pitfalls.

We work with business and service design to bring an effective holistic view and a realistic roadmap to development.

We are well versed in the technologies that, with or without better integration to support your business, will help you develop world-class online services for your customers. We constantly look to the future and follow the developments of technology players, including AI.

We specialise in the development of large and complex multi-channel services. Identifying the most appropriate technology for the context and carefully conceptualising how to use it always requires both expertise and experience of best practice in the application domain.

We understand the needs of multi-channel digital business, and end users, and our experience enables us to identify the technologies and automations that meet those needs.

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Our solution design and digital architecture services




Goal architecture & roadmap




Technology choices
and strategies

Intelligent service architectures, sales and marketing automation E-commerce technologies and multichannel customer experience management.

Optimising processes and workflows within the operational framework of the business Implementing technology in the business and training business users.

How are solution design and architecture used?

What do we do?

  • Building holistic solutions that are time-tested, without forgetting the constantly evolving digital capabilities

  • Our extensive experience of the main technology platforms and the way different organisations work helps us to choose the right products for the right needs.

  • We also take into account the business users of technology, improving efficiency and operational relevance.

What value is created?

  • We do this by effectively identifying customer and user needs and solving problems. This results in effective and efficient solutions

  • Well thought-out operational models and implementations, complemented by automation through workflow optimisation, bring efficiency to the business.

  • Well-designed technology strategies and solutions bring efficiency and resilience to the business

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