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Strategy and concept design

We create a functional digital growth strategy that focuses on customers.


Our strategy and concept design services

Service vision, future & foresight

Service concept clarification workshops

Service design, content strategies, service strategies, visual and creative strategies

Comprehensive service concept: Customer perspective, service and channel strategy, content architecture, business perspective, KPIs, revenue models

Modern capabilities, personalization and customer experience targeting, AI and automation scalability, modularity, design system 

Collecting analytics and other information to create a foundation for leadership

Process automation, operational models

Product management, PO

Why choose Loihde Advance?


For us, the concept of digital services is more than just designing user interfaces. We combine our technical insight and practical experience on multinational and multi-channel projects with our business understanding and end-user-oriented way of thinking for large and complex entities.

tech-stack-2_plan copy

We bring end-user focus to technology choices
We bring efficiency and automation to operational models.


We are more than a design agency, combined expertise and emphasis where most of the work is, i.e. data, integrations, automation.


Our experts are more than just designers, they are constantly evolving and looking to the future.

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