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UI and UX

Customers choose a service that is easy to use. Let’s make the customer’s life that little bit easier.


What we do in the field of UI and UX

UI design, service design, visual design, accessibility standards

Design system

User surveys, testing

Validation of service development ideas and verification of value creation

Product management, PO

Why choose Loihde Advance?


In designing the user experience, we focus especially on the requirements set by data, technologies and content management – and also on the possibilities of technology as a business catalyst.

tech-stack-2_plan copy

Therefore, for us, user-oriented design means that the planning and decision-making related to services are done on the basis of user knowledge, while taking into account the realities of implementation. 


Design is not a separate function in a development organization and designers need to understand the development organization’s agile development models and support development work. We have experience in transporting end-user focus as a seamless package from the portfolio to the team level a for large multinational and multi-channel agile development organizations.

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