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Enterprise architecture

We build a sustainable foundation for ever-evolving digital structures.


Our enterprise architecture services

We create a comprehensive and business-oriented architecture that encompasses data, processes, systems, and technologies. In addition, we ensure that there is a management model for the architecture that ensures its continuous development.

We will help you identify and prioritize development areas and prepare a development plan. This helps you move towards a goal architecture in a controlled manner while creating continuous business value.

We specialize in the following areas of architecture:

Enterprise architecture

IT and data strategy

Omni-channel content management

Digital experience management

E-commerce and digital marketing

Data platforms and analytics

Why choose Loihde Advance?


Our strength lies in our extensive expertise and experience in comprehensive solution design, data management, content management and digital service design.


Thanks to this know-how, we are able to consider different aspects of the big picture in architectural design: business objectives, customer perspective, existing architecture, goal architecture, and the effects of change on operational activities and processes.

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