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Strategy and data-driven management

When implementing a change, it is important to be bold and vigilant.


What we do?

We facilitate an inclusive strategy process that offers a summary of the priorities and focal areas that the organization should focus on. The process helps you identify priorities in data-driven management, IT, and operational development, for example, that support the achievement of the organization’s strategy and business objectives. Through an inclusive process, the management and personnel are committed to the development. We conduct maturity surveys. We provide continuous Advisor services.

Why choose Loihde Advance?


We have 20 years of experience in developing data, technology, and operating models to benefit businesses.


We are a genuine consulting partner with no technological limitations, but a kit full of tools for different needs and situations.


We don’t split hairs and produce unnecessary presentations; instead we invite participation and strive to put things into practice.


We boost data-driven management skills and understanding at the level of the entire organization.

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