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Digital and Population Data Services Agency – Building a more digital Finland

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency and Loihde Advance are building a digital Finland together. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency selected Loihde Advance as its data warehouse development partner to implement the National Service Architecture Program’s electronic support service metrics for the administration. Agile data warehouse development began in January 2017 and is still ongoing. Loihde Advances’ development team is implementing the project under the guidance of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency and in cooperation with services. services are building a digital Finland

The National Service Architecture, KaPA, was a program launched in 2014 with a view to developing the compatibility and retrievability of the digital services of the state, municipalities, and companies. The services implemented in the KaPA program have taken e-services to a new level in Finland. The common logo of the services is the flag symbol.

The online service includes the identification service and the authorization service for electronic authorization. messages is the electronic mailbox for interaction with public authorities. The Finnish Service Catalogue offers public services and communication channels in a uniform manner. Thee system’s interfaces are subject indexed, allowing the services to be retrieved and utilized in any electronic service.

Nina Wiiala, Product Owner of the data warehouse, is pleased with the results of the project’s pilot phase: “The Loihde Advance development team has done a great job, so we are in a good position to continue this demanding project.”

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency operates in the administrative sector of the Ministry of Finance. It promotes the protection of privacy and personal data, as well as data security and the development of and compliance with good data processing and data management practices. The Finnish Digital Agency maintains and develops the population information system, its data, the quality of data, and verified use of electronic services. The Finnish Digital Agency provides information services, certificate services, and electoral functions.