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Design of Digital Services

We shape advanced services and aid world-leading companies in accelerating their business through modern service design.

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Modern intelligent digital services revolutionize customer experience by providing targeted and personalised solutions across channels, making life easier for both customers and organisations. Technology alone doesn't solve business challenges unless harnessed appropriately for the right purpose, with a deep understanding of end-user needs.

Modern intelligent AI solutions reshape the nature of services, and their effective adoption requires understanding user needs and expectations, as well as how these change, for instance, with conversational interfaces or personalisation. Businesses should invest in user-centric digital services that grasp user needs and provide relevant interactions.

Success demands user-centred design of digital services, where business, data, development models, and modern technology are understood, with a focus on user understanding at the core.

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Why choose Loihde Advance?


In designing solutions for digital business, we specifically focus on the constraints set by data and content management and technologies, as well as the opportunities presented by modern intelligent AI technology as an accelerator for business.

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For us, user-centred design means that service design and decision-making are based on data-driven user understanding, while considering the realities of implementation. We combine analytics and business data with deep user insights, making it an effective guiding function.


Design is not an isolated function within the development organization. Service designers must understand the agile development models of the organization and support the development work. We have experience in bringing user-centredness from the portfolio level to the team level, seamlessly integrating it into the larger context of multinational and multi-channel agile development organizations.

How can we help?

Our digital service designers possess extensive hybrid expertise to understand the constraints and realities of execution.

Our business and user experience design is complemented by our holistic solution design philosophy.

We gladly bring our broad expertise to your project to create scalable and tailored solutions together – encompassing design, operational models, and architecture. If needed, we can design operational models for your organization to support service and interface design, ensuring both the optimization of value delivered by the service and efficient implementation of digital services.

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Our Design of Digital Services offering

Product and Service Strategies and Brand Renewals

Holistic Service Design

Design of Intelligent Digital Services

Utilizing Analytics and Research Data for Guiding Services

Holistic Solution and Interface Design

Why choose Loihde Advance?

What do we do?

  • Our extensive experience, along with our practical and participatory philosophy, helps to unite the development organization into a motivated and efficient entity. This alignment aims for an improved customer experience and enhanced business efficiency, harnessing the possibilities of AI while avoiding pitfalls.

  • Our hybrid expertise assists in shaping ideas into comprehensive development concepts, bridging the gap between vision and daily execution.

What value is created?

  • Validating end-user needs and continuously verifying value creation is an essential, built-in approach for the development organization to ensure the continuity of digital business.

  • Our offered hybrid expertise aids in achieving the objectives of digital service, resulting in a higher success rate from the end-user perspective as well.

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